LCD Text and Command Demo



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Alrhigt alright alright that's exactly what I needed!

While trying to floolw your instructions all the google gadgets on my igoogle page disappeared to be replaced by the three gadgets mentioned in lesson one. Is there any way I can get back to my original page. If you can help me restore my igoogle page I'll promise never to use your tutorial again.Thanks.

I like your training fomrat I have one repeating error as I am doing the lessons. There is a space error at the xml line 1 that makes the program malfunction. I added the space by hand, and it still displays an error in the preview, but clicking the file name displays the hello World . Is there a setup problem, or setting causing this error? In each lesson this error returns on line 1, and the next error is the space in the encoding wants a space prior to the word encoding. In lesson 3 the space issue returns at the word prefs . What do you thinks is happening?

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Any books are good books, regardless of wehhter they are in Chinese or not. It is my poor Chinese ability that prevents me from reading Chinese books, which is regretful because they are usually cheaper.Jason's Coder Spirit is with us, he just doesn't know it yet. :-)If you have a build process that must be repeated many times, then you will find Zen in the automation of that process - study ant more carefully and the answers will come to you! :-)